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Welcome eager parents and
students.  It is my goal to establish a site that is exploding with active learning activities.  This is my first classroom website created to aid parents with useful tools to improve at-home success.  Many of the techniques and activities I have tried inside my classroom or have gained during professional developments.  I hope that all materials are helpful and engaging.  It is my attempt to ensure that young learners are encouraged through expressive learning to expand their own thinking and learning experiences.

 "Students should be challenged to use higher order thinking during lessons and by doing so will develop skills to become life-long learners.  Students prosper in a classroom in which the teacher educates the whole-child.

My name is Ms. Pattion and I am an effective educator with Memphis City Schools.  I have been teaching in the school system as a pre-k teacher for six years.  I am dedicated to the effective learning of young children.  I am a graduate from The University of Tennessee at Martin and I obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Learning Pre-K 4.  I diligently work year round to encourage parents to invest in early learning.  I am an author of the book titled, My Soul Spoke Out and I am currently working in more reads.

Early Learning is the Key to Success!

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OWL  (Open World of Learning)
Social Emotional Development
Talk about Touching
Everyday Pre-K Calendar Math


Listening Center
Writing Center
Math Center
Science/Social Studies
Social Play Centers
Listening Center


Gross Motor Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Computer Skills

My Philosophy

When a student becomes an active participant in his or her own education and shows a higher level of thinking, I have accomplished my goal as effective facilitator.”

The foundation of student achievement is built on home-school connections, parental input, and teacher facilitation. Acquiring a variety of teaching methods that promote diversity, participation, and addresses the developmental levels of each student will create a classroom culture that reflects student achievement. 

We invite you to come visit our school and learn more about our philosophy for preparing your child for success.

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